Episode 3 from the LIVING ROOM SESSIONS is UP!

"Across the Universe"



May 16, 2014

 I am welcoming to the scene the third episode to my Living Room Sessions project, where the skilled and talented, Nick Lanata, has created another beautiful piece with our first cover!  I am always timid to perform, much less record, covers of songs where I so adore the original, for fear the reinterpretation will fall short.  In this case, the song has also been covered by two of my favorite artists, Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple, as well, so triple the magnitude!  Somehow, this song kept calling to me, and after playing it several times at shows, the arrangement with harmonium and the band felt too good not to record!  I was also told at a show recently that harmonium was John Lennon's favorite instrument.  Whether or not this is true, I hope he would be proud:)

 Please take a moment to watch the video of "Across the Universe", and if you like it, share it, give it a thumbs up...do what you do with social media !!  Also, if you haven't already, check out episodes 1 & 2 on my YouTube page and Subscribe so you can catch all of the Living Room Sessions series!! (psst...there is more to come ;)  






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